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Dental Treatment Simulator

Improving dental care through technology

Technology in Dentistry

Technology in Dentistry


Aspire Dental Care fully embraces advancements in technology to create improved outcomes. Dental treatment results can now be visualized before the actual care is performed. See your actual smile with veneers, whitening, straightening and missing tooth replacement. 

Digital X-rays


Digital x-rays systems allow our dental practice to significantly reduce the amount of radiation our patients are exposed to. The x-ray images are instantly imported into our electronic health record for safe keeping. Since the images are electronic, their quality never degrades. 

Intraoral Color Pictures


High resolution intraoral photographs are used to help patients see their problem areas. The enlarged images are useful in detecting small fractures in fillings, cavities and other issues. These images become a permanent part of our electronic chart system and have proven to be an amazing teaching tool for our patients! 

Virtual Treatment Simulations


Virtual treatment simulations allow patients to be a part of the planning process for dental procedures. In addition, this tool has helped us address patient expectations and see simulated results first-hand. 

Staying Current


As a cutting-edge dental practice, we pride ourselves on staying current with the most current and relevant advances in dental care. It is a part of our commitment to our patients. 

Holistic Approach


We use a holistic approach when treating our dental patients. We review and continuously update past medical histories, medications, previous dental histories, etc. in order to better understand our patients. Our treatment plan options take finance, work schedules and patient priorities in consideration to create the best individual fit.